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Shoutbomb provides patron friendly text notices and extends our traditional online services to on-the-go teens and busy adults. It allows us to offer a simple method to renew items, see overdue items and bills, and get notified of available holds, all frequently requested features we were unable to provide any other way. Our patrons love the new service!

Kendal Orrison, ALS Assistant Executive Director / RSA Director

A software service that allows libraries to send SMS messages to all text message enabled phones. Patrons can reply, using pre-selected keywords, to request additional information or carry out tasks such as renewing items. Our software supports multiple languages and can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your needs. We are located in Northern California.

  1. Renewal: this notice is a reminder that items are due in the next few days. Patrons can request a list of items due for renewal. Patrons have the ability to renew items they selected.
  2. Courtesy: this notice is a reminder that library items are due in the next few days. Patrons can request a list of items due. Patrons do not have the ability to renew items.
  3. Overdue: this notice is a reminder that library items are overdue. Patrons can request a list of items due. Patrons have the ability to renew items they selected.
  4. Fees: this notice is a reminder that fees are due for payment.
  5. Hold: this notice is a reminder that items placed on hold are now available for pickup.
  6. ISBN: using the 10 or 13 digit isbn provided by the patron, this will check your home library as well as the surrounding branches and notify the patron if the library has the book on the shelf. For Polaris customers we also support UPC code lookups on CD's and DVD's.
  7. ASK: this will forward your text message question to the library's instant messaging system. The reply from the library we will forward to your phone as a text message (currently under development with Skokie Public Library, Illinois). This service is designed for people who do not have or want to pay for instant messaging on their phone.

Innovative Millennium
Innovative Sierra
Polaris ILS v3.6
SirsiDynix Symphony
SirsiDynix Horizon
VTLS Virtua

You can manage your entire family's library cards from a single phone. When you receive notices from Shoutbomb they will contain information for all the library cards linked to your phone.

For pricing details please contact us via the contact us tab.
There are no per message fees – it's unlimited messaging.

Yes we do. In response to the economic times we decided to start an assistance program for mid-size to large library systems. If you want our software but can't afford the yearly maintenance fees then this is what we offer:

  • The first 2 years of service are free – you will not be back billed.
  • At the beginning of the 3rd year we will contact you to assess your economic condition and work with you on how to proceed.
  • The one-time license fee does go up modestly from $2,500 to $3,000 but over the course of the first two years you can save up to $7K.

All of the functionality that we provide is fully automated - there is no manual intervention required by a librarian. Our service currently supports the following library information systems: Innovative, Sirsi, and Polaris.

  1. A text messaging capable phone. Patrons do not need a smart phone.
  2. Subscription to a text messaging plan with your wireless carrier.
  3. Phone must be able to send a text message to an email address*.

*Helio phones are the only ones we know of that do not work with our service.

Our service supports English, Spanish and coming soon Polish. We will add additional languages upon request.

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